The Forest

The city of Almyros is 1km away from the festival grounds , with easy access to the town square (either by foot or by vehicle) where you can find anything you need.

Within the municipality there are beaches with facilities that you can visit during your stay in Almyros.

  • Almyros Beach : 7km
  • Efxeinoupoli Beach : 7km
  • Amaliapolis Beach : 21km
  • Area of Pteleos : 30km. You can find many beaches. Average time 30-35 min
  • Nies Beach : 28 km

For any information you may need please visit the Festivals Info House

For the third consecutive year los almiros festival will be held on 4-5 August in the green area, forest Kouri.

Kouri forest located in the magnesia prefecture and specifically in the town of Almyros. It is a landscape with a high environmental value, which mainly lies in the fact that it is unique in Europe in plain. It occupies an area of ​​1200 acres and is part of the pan-European natural ecosystems protection network, Natura 2000. Equally noticeable is the flora and fauna of this place, which shelter a significant number of rare endemic birds and mammals, and has seen a great variety of plant species.

In recent years, the forest has become an attraction for visitors throughout the year, as well as inside the created any type facilities such as cafeteria, guest house, man-made lakes, sports and children's facilities, hiking and cycling.

It belongs to the category of aesthetic forests of the country, whose main purpose of existence is human recreation with respect always for the natural environment.


The camping in the days of the fest is free.
There are toilets and showers, coffee, food, snacks etc. but you should be organized by your own for you better stay in the forest.

You are all welcome!

LAF Buses

Θα υπάρξουν λεοφωρεία απο Αθήνα και Θεσσαλονίκη οπου θα μεταφέρουν κόσμο απ ευθείας στο χώρο του φεστιβάλ.


Αθήνα-LAF αναχώρηση παρασκευή 4αυγούστου πρωι απο πεδίο του άρεως και επιστροφή κυριακή 6 αυγούστου.
Τιμή 35 ευρώ.

Θεσσαλονίκη-LAF αναχώρηση παρασκευή 4 αυγούστου πρωι απο λευκό πύργο και επιστροφή κυριακή 6 αυγούστου.
Τιμή 32 ευρώ.

Υπάρχει δυνατότητα επιβίβασης απο ενδιάμεσους σταθμούς.

Για πληροφορίες στη σελίδα και στα τηλ: 6976204925, 6942222758, 6978283249 και στο mail :