Band Fatale

Band Fatale is not only an 8 member band that plays cover songs.It's not only a band that plays her own songs influenced by ska, rock and reggae rythms.It is above all, a band that distinguishes for her energy, for her vivid pulse and for her ability to communicate all this to the audience.The band has already participated to some of the most important festivals housed in Greece (River Party Nestorio Kastorias, Ark Festival, Forest Sounds Festival,Volume Festival, European Mudic Day) at where she had the pleasure and the chance to share the stage with various importants artists of both the greek (Aggelakas, Imam Baild,Locomondo,Maraveyas,Planet of Zeus) and foreign (Dub Pistols) music scene. The element that makes this band distinct from others is her innovative instrumentations that combine classic hearings(oboe,flute), greek traditional(baglamas), ethnic(djembe,cajon) and electric ska-reggae sounds.This period, the band's first demo is recorded.