The Offenders

Thousands miles driven, thousands full lenght/singles sold, hundreds shows played and proudly stuck in the undergorund...that's could be the best way to introduce The Offenders! Formed back in 2005 in Italy by vocalist/song writer/ guitar player Valerio, but based in Berlin since 2009, Offenders represent today one of the most energic and powerfull band in the ska punk scene, with their unique mixture of styles, from 2tone ska to mod79, from rocksteady to rockabilly, melodic sing a long anthems sang all over Europe and played all over the world by many ska djs!

Their first full lenght “Hooligan Reggae” released in November 2007 on a small indiependent label “Conehead Records” became a classic in the underground ska scene,and the title track still without any doubt their most known song. After their debut album and a 7” single “Wake up Rebels”, Offenders signed with Grover Records (one of the most famous European Ska Label who released such legends as Derrick Morgan,Laurel Aitken,Doreen Shaffer as well as 3rd wave revivalist as Hotknives and Mr Review among others), releasing in March 2009 their second full leght “Action Reaction”, appearing at Easter Ska Jam Tour,to promote their new album as well as backing band of the Reggae Legend Susan Cadogan. In April 2010 “Anthems from the Gutter” mcd, their first release on Mad Butcher Records, it's definitely a sign that the band's sound is becoming way more personal and full of several musical influences, never forgetting the 2tone roots! Alongside with “Anthems..” Mad Butcher re-released all the previous albums and singles, which were sold out since months, and gave them the chance to work on a new album. “Shots,Screams and Broken Dreams” was released in February 2011 collecting tons of postive reviews and critics,increasing the fan's base and band's reputation as never before!

In December 2011,to celebrate the Rudeleague Tour,Offenders release with RedSka the split “Rudeleague” which includes “Girls wanna have some fun” another dancefloor 2tone anthem.

In May 2012 another step forward: Offenders sign with legendary Destiny Records (worldwide famous label/booking agency based in Berlin who launched in Europe such bands as Nofx, Descendents, Mad Caddies, Hepcat, Lagwagon, Pennywise .... and tons more!!!) that will release their 4th full lenght in October!

In August 2012 the band will appear at Trutnov Open Air Festival in Czech Republic, along side with different kind of bands like Korn, Deus, YellowCard and many more!!....The story goes on!!!

During all those years Offenders toured all over : Italy-Germany-Austria-Switzerland-France-Czech Republic-Slovakia-Slovenia-Serbia-Croatia- Hungary-Sweden-Danmark-Uk-Scotland-Ireland-Ulster-Spain-Basque Country...;appearing in several worldwide famous festivals such This is Ska,Force Attack,Mighty Sound,Easter Ska Jam,Rudeboys Unity,Dynamite...just to name few,building a solid reputation and a huge fan's base all over this was just the beginning!